A love story and tomatoes

We have been growing and processing tomatoes since 1954.

And we never got tired

"Nobile" is a brand owned by Calispa Spa

Company specializing in the transformation of canned tomatoes, founded in 1966 by Attilio Avino - is now in its third generation. The "Nobile" line was born from Calispa's experience and the passion of the Di Leo family.

We have selected the best of our production and have given it a "noble" name like the work we have been doing for 50 years every day, selecting the raw materials, controlling all the processes and guaranteeing the consumer a safe, good, healthy and genuine product.

From conventional products to the organic line, a wide and deep range capable of responding to the needs and tastes of consumers. Our special products are the best that the modern canning industry can offer. The marzanino, a very particular small and sweet peeled cherry tomato grown on our estate in Puglia, in a hilly position close to the sea.

San Marzano, the only and authentic flagship of the agricultural production of our region, grown on our land in the municipalities of Castel San Giorgio and Fisciano - in the fertile Irno Valley, in the province of Salerno. Collected on high rows by the expert hands of the farmers, it is carefully selected and canned in the Castel San Giorgio plant, a few kilometers from the fields.

Recognize it dressed in its numbered label, prepare it according to the tradition of Italian cuisine and test its unmistakable taste.

Thanks to our website, it has never been easier to have the products of the Agro nocerino sarnese, from the land directly to your home. You will also find many recipes and tips on how to prepare delicious dishes.

Nobile Online

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